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tax-loss harvesting FB

Is Tax-loss Harvesting The Key To Portfolio Gains?

Once you start investing, sooner or later, you are going to come accross the term tax-loss harvesting strategy.

In today’s post, I explain what it is, how it works, when it makes sence to practice it, as well how to think about it in a cross-border context.

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Investing on a work visa

If On A Work Visa, Should I Invest In 401k And Other Special Accounts?

One of the questions I get all the time is how to invest in the US stock market using special accounts like Roth IRAs, HSAs, 401ks, 529, etc. on an H-1B or other work visa (L-1, O-1, H1B1, TN, and E3)

This is keeping in mind that work visas are by nature temporary non-immigrant visas and technically the holder is expected to depart the US after the work assignment.

The post is a summary of a more in-depth technical, nerdy paper written for advisors on the Nerds Eye View Blog by Michael Kitces.

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Top Roth IRA Mistakes To Avoid

Top 4 Roth IRA Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Everybody is keen to have a Roth IRA account, but messing up with the rules can be very costly.

You still have time to make a ROTH contribution for 2022. But please, don’t make the following mistakes as you make the contributions.

If on a work visa, please pay special attention to the last point.

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useful tax vocabulary to know

What Is Some Useful Tax Vocabulary To Know?

What is some useful tax vocabulary to know?

Taxes are complicated, which leads to making mistakes, which can and do impact your financial life.

Here are some basic tax concepts to be aware of as you get ready to file your 2022 Taxes

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How to Report Foreign Rental Income When You File Taxes

If I own foreign rental property, do I have to include the income when I file my US taxes? The answer is yes, although it depends on your tax residency status. Read the rest of the post for the details on how you go about figuring this out and what to do with your foreign rental income.

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