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Financial and Tax Implications of Being an International Student (F1/J1 visa)

International Student Advisors

Are you getting bombarded with questions on the financial implications of being on an F1/J1 student visa?

Are they asking questions like?

  • Do I have to file taxes on an F1/J1 visa?
  • What’s my tax residency?
  • What healthcare costs, do I need to worry about?
  • How do I deal with liquidity issues?
  • How do I budget for my life in the US?
  • Can I invest in the US?
  • Credit history questions?
  • What to do if planning to stay in the US on OPT or H-1B Visa?
  • What about my overseas assets while I’m here?

I have partnered with schools, like Harvard Business School to answer these types of questions for their international students.

Through a series of targeted webinars, I address the student’s concerns and questions. This is in addition to providing them with valuable resources specific to the issues.

I would love to do the same with you, so together we can help your international students thrive in the US.