New Foreign National US Consultation

Is This You?

Are you a newly arrived foreign national in the US for a short stint or a permanent move?

Or are you outside the US, getting ready to move here?

Legal status

  • Green card holder (permanent resident). An immigrant visa (Leads to a green card).
  • Work visa (H-1B, H1B1, O-1, L-1, TN, E-3 etc).
  • Investment visas (EB5, E-2, etc).
  • Excludes diplomatic visas.

You are Looking for initial financial information to get started on the right foot. You have lots of questions about taxes, insurance, US credit scoring, estate planning, overseas assets, US investments, etc. But you are not ready to start major financial planning — you want to get started on your US journey!

US employer / Immigration lawyer – working with foreign nationals*


  • A 30-45-minute initial consultation to get a high-level sense of critical issues.
  • A 2-hour video consultation to address issues raised. The final agenda will depend on your situation, visa type, etc. Possible agenda items
    • Financial implications of your visa type.
    • Financial implications of changing your visa type/immigration status.
    • An overview of US retirement vehicles (401k, IRA/ROTH IRA, HSA).
    • Potential issues to understand around college planning.
    • Banking, renting, vehicle purchase, and US credit score building.
    • How to identify as resident or nonresident for tax and estate purposes.
    • Explanation of overseas assets reporting and staying compliant.
    • Overview of the income tax landscape in the US.
    • High-level estate planning issues to consider. Implications of expatriation and exit taxes.
    • A high-level overview of the US company’s benefits etc.

You’ll walk away with a written report of the issues discussed.

Your Investment

  • Fees – A one-time fee that starts at $1050, paid at contract signing.

Ready to understand what the US has to offer? Set up an initial call now!

*Corporate Services

If you are an employer looking to provide your foreign national employees with US finance information – we’d be delighted to partner with you.

Immigration lawyers, we’d love to partner with you to offer a personal financial consultation service for your newly arrived foreign national clients.

Note That

  • I cannot provide legal advice, please reach out to an immigration lawyer if looking for specific legal information.
  • I’m not by law allowed to provide advice for investments outside the US.
  • This is not personalized financial planning services – but it can form the basis for the service.