You Are Your Parents Retirement – Now What?

You wake up one day and it dawns on you, that  somehow “You are your parents retirement fund”.  In this guest post on Retirement Daily, I discuss some practical steps that will allow you to emerge unscathed on the other side. 

Parents_retirement_FundFamily dynamics, as well as the stage your parents are in on their retirement journey, will determine what’s practical in your situation. 

The solutions may be the same, but foreign-born individuals are likely to have a different outlook. So I delve into the implications and expectations of that as well.

Over communicating and lots of kindness will be key to getting through the situation.

If this is you, take a deep breath –  all is not lost.  There are a lot of practical ideas, including government programs that you may be able to tap into. At the end of the day, you want to help your family, and you’ll probably be able to, but don’t ignore your retirement savings, which is key. 

Here is a link to the full article You Are Your Parents Retirement Fund – Now What?

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