Jane Mepham Quoted In the Press – Empty-Nesters Financial Tips

In today’s post, I discuss the top 10 Empty Nesters financial tips that will help you get through this phase if your kids are leaving home. 

We are about to become empty nesters. Actually, we still have Chewie, our Aussie Labradoodle. 


It’s a huge transition for everybody in the family in all ways possible, including the money side of things.

Some people take it very hard, and it can lead to feelings of depression and loss; others consider it a chance to try out new things. This is where some financial tips will come in handy.

Other people feel like they are losing their kids. I know we are not losing the kids, but our relationship is going to change, as we need to treat them as adults (even though to us, they’ll always be our babies). 

There are lots of fun times ahead.

I was quoted extensively on this topic in the latest Wealthtender MSN syndicated article by Opher Ganel, PhD.

Here is the full article

About to Become an Empty Nester? Read These 10 Money Tips First. 

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